Renting Could Be A Better Fit

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Renting Could Be A Better Fit

Money. Risk. Opportunity.

These are points for consideration when deciding on what equipment best suits a construction project.  When the idea of rental develops, looking at the numbers, understanding the risks, and thinking of the long term opportunity are factors.

  • When the construction project calls for a specific piece of equipment for the short term.
  • Renting could avail yourself of a newer piece of equipment with better technology and safety features.
  • Are there storage issues? Not if you rent. After use, load it onto the trailer and send it back to the rental company.
  • If you sign on for a far-from-home base project, dollar for dollar renting locally for the job duration may be a better buy.
  • Avoid the financial burden of maintenance costs. Use it, return it, and move on to the next project.

Rentals are a doorway to opportunity for expanding your business options, taking a tax deduction, and testing the feasibility of what next machine to add to your fleet.

Applied Machinery Sales offers rentals. Contact your AMS territory manager, or visit this informative page.

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