Adding Roto to Rental Fleet: Good Business Decision

Adding Roto to Rental Fleet: Good Business Decision

Written by: Susan L. Doyle, Scott Bunting, Brian Hatch

“…. this machine is what your GC needs. Yet, you still do not have it in your yard. Consider re-renting. Done correctly, re-renting gives you a number of money-making and customer-building opportunities.

Re-renting means you can say YES to more customers (remember earlier we talked about what is or not in your yard?) Customers will always come back to the place that supplies what they need.

Re-renting means you are now positioned to test your local market for high lift, high weight capable rotating telehandlers. You are also positioned to give your customers, and yourself, an opportunity to experience the differences between the Merlo Roto and other similar machines. And, re-renting means you can open your business’s door to other markets.  Rotos adapt well to a number of industries other than construction such as tree care, building maintenance, roofing, and even rooftop garden design.

Published in Pro Contractor Rentals-March/Apri 2021- page 40-41

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