AMS and Merlo: An interview

AMS and Merlo: An interview

“I think 2021 will be what 2020 was supposed to have been for us,” says Garth McGillewie, owner of AMS-Merlo. “[2020] was going to be the most successful year since we’ve taken on the Merlo line, and a year of growth, as well.” McGillewie is no stranger to the ebbs and flows of the construction and rental markets; he has been a part of the industry for more than 25 years, starting with his father who imported construction equipment into the U.S. from Europe. The family business had a global reach, with exports touching down as far as China and
Australia. But when the business was sold in 2008, McGillewie had to pivot. “I started looking for products to import into the U.S. and came across Merlo in 2011,” he says. Read the full story here.

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